About Us

Unique hand drawn artwork, other custom creations and prints, made with love and imagination by me, Suki Lock, designer and photographer at Jagged Daisy.

While Jagged Daisy design and photography is the place where I can serve my corporate clients, MADE by jagged is the place where I can create artwork to colour in, print on material, manipulate photographs for artsy wall prints and fill our world with gothy bunnies. Coz we all need more gothy bunnies... (see one of my bunnies travel the burns of the world).

Since 2017 MADE has expanded to include products created by Cherry (my mom-in-law) and Cally (my sister-in-law), so now we also offer crochet items, cross stitch patterns, candle holders and more.

I hope you like the art we create. Looking for something specific? Let us know and maybe we can create it for you.